University Partnership Program

About The Program

GeoHIVE University Partnership participating classes will collaborate using the GeoHIVE crowdsourcing platform in combination with DigitalGlobe's high-resolution imagery. This program introduces students to a significant problem affecting human life, the earth, and/or atmosphere. Through GeoHIVE's crowdsourcing platform, students are enabled to provide geospatial data that has the ability to contribute to a working solution for their assigned problem. Our goal for this program is to empower students to make a positive impact in the world using the most current industry technology.

Current Campaign

Amazon Deforestation

The Peruvian Amazon rainforest is being destroyed by widespread deforestation. Peru's struggling economy and the increasing value of gold and timber in the export markets have led to drastic increases in deforestation over the last 15 years. Due to the sharp increases in demand, loggers and miners are swarming the Peruvian rainforest and leaving destruction in their wake. On a local level, deforestation disrupts ecosystems and displaces thousands of species. On a large scale, deforestation increases mesoscale atmospheric temperatures, decreases carbon absorbtion, and is a leading contributor to global warming.

Illegal Gold Mining

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Illegal Logging

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Program Benefits

Application of Industry Tech

Students have the unique opportunity to use relevant industry technology and methods to solve problems that affect the world.

Problem-Solving Experience

Students will gain problem-solving experience that can be applied to future challenges they may face in their careers.

Internship Priority

Students who have completed the GeoHIVE University Partnership Program will have priority consideration for Summer internships with DigitalGLobe

Facts about Amazon deforestation

Percent of the animals on earth that live in tropical rainforests
acres of forests cleared per hour
Percent of Earth's oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest
The number of years to completely eradicate rainforests

What people say?

I love the ability to gain hands-on industry experience in the GIS field. I didn't think I would find that in my undergrad program.

James, University of South Florida

What people say?

Knowing that I'm given priority to a DigitalGlobe internship is the icing on the cake for me; I was just happy to use recent imagery to digitize my project!

Lance, University of Maryland

What people say?

It's refreshing to be able to know that big companies out there actually care enough about the environment to act on it. It's really cool that DigitalGlobe has given me the chance to help stop Amazon deforestation.

Claire, Northeastern University
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