About GeoHIVE

GeoHive (Geospatial Human Imagery Verification Effort) is DigitalGlobe Services' satellite imagery crowdsourcing platform. We combine the power of the crowd with DigitalGlobe's stunning high-resolution imagery to create accurate and insightful geospatial data.

Our Services

Feature Discovery

Over 90 different features of interest can be discovered from up to 100,000sqkm of satellite imagery daily.

Feature Validation

Up to 100,000 known features can be validated and assigned an attribution per hour.

Feature Creation

Using our high-resolution satellite imagery, the crowd can digitize features of interest using points, polylines, and polygons.

Refining Consensus

Applying an algortihmic solution, called CrowdRank™, to consensus input allows us to use minimally trained crowds to produce highly accurate datasets. No other crowdsourcing platform utilizes such a powerful and dependable solution to scoring users and their data.

Discovery Campaigns

Users search through DigitalGlobe's gorgeous, high-resolution imagery to identify multiple features. Discovery campaign crowdsourcing allows us to cover very large areas of interest (AOI) in very short periods of time, with the highest spatial accuracy and confidence. GeoHIVE has relied on Discovery campaigns to support humanitarian relief, special interest projects, and disaster relief missions.

Validation Campaigns

Users are presented with images and asked to identify, or confirm the presence of, a feature within a polygon. Validation campaigns are fast, easy, and require minimal training to perform tasks accurately.

Editor Campaigns

Editor campaigns enable users to create polygons, polylines, points, and feature attribution using DigitalGlobe imagery. Each campaign has an assigned area of interest (AOI), which is broken down into small tasks. Users are asked to digitize features of interest, and assign each feature the correct attribute. Once completed, the user will complete the task and move on. Another user will access the task to validate and approve the digitized features for accuracy. GeoHIVE Editor data is recorded on a proprietary server, which allows for the capability to have users digitize temporary features and events, unlike similar open source platforms. This capability makes GeoHIVE Editor one of the most powerful imagery crowdsourcing platforms in the world.

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If you would like to learn more about GeoHIVE, or have questions about a specific campaign, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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