What is GeoHIVE?

An online community of users who supports DigitalGlobe through creation and validation of points of interest (i.e., bridges, gas stations, cars, religious institutions, etc.) using current DigitalGlobe imagery for areas of interest around the world.


Notable Past Campaigns

In June 2015, a GeoHIVE campaign identified locations and roof materials of buildings in Swaziland to assist in the planning and implementation of malaria elimination activities. Before that, it identified flooded structures, roads, and vehicles after the heavy storms in Houston.


What is the result?

The aggregate contributions of GeoHIVE participants produce detailed maps of points of interest (i.e., bus stops, gas stations, cars, etc.) for a given location. Digital mapping is incredibly useful for a variety of purposes including disaster planning, humanitarian relief, security efforts, natural resource conservation, and more.


How to get involved:

  1. Sign up for GeoHIVE at with your email address. (You’ll get an email with detail on what you have to do next but below is a basic outline.)

  2. Head to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to create a “Worker” account. When you receive a Worker ID, update it in your GeoHIVE profile. (Confirmation may take a couple of days.)

  3. Create an Amazon Payments with your MTurk credentials so we can pay you!

  4. Visit to keep up with campaigns that are available for you to work on or look out for email, Facebook, or Twitter notifications.

  5. Start mapping!


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